Terri Doughty (Vancouver Island University, Canada)

Hans Esselborn (Universität Köln, Germany)

Detlef Haberland (Carl von Ossietzky Universität, Germany)

Wojciech Kajtoch (Jagiellonian University, Poland)

Jakub Z. Lichański (University of Warsaw, Poland)

Adam Mazurkiewicz (University of Lodz, Poland)

Agnieszka Nieracka (University of Wrocław, Poland)

Jacek Rzeszotnik (University of Wrocław, Poland)

Olesya Stuzhuk (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine)

Krystyna Syrnicka (Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Lithuania)

Józef Szostakowski (Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, Lithuania)

Bogdan Trocha (University of Zielona Góra)

Maciej Wróblewski (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland)







1. Publications must meet the requirements set for academic papers as far as the form, content and language are concerned.

2. Submitted articles must fit in the thematic profile of the journal.

3. The Editors reserve the right to reject texts that fail to comply with the above requirements before initiating the proper reviewing procedure.

4. The Authors will be notified about the initial acceptance of their texts for the review procedure within 30 days by e-mail at the e-mail addresses provided by them.

5. Each publication is evaluated by at least two independent expert reviewers from outside the scientific unit, at which the Author of the publication is affiliated.

Submissions undergo a double-blind review. Personal data of both Authors and Reviewers remain confidential.


6. In case of a publication in a language other than Polish, at least one of the Reviewers must be affiliated with a foreign institution based in a country other than the country of origin/nationality of the Author of the publication and at least one of the Reviewers must be a native speaker of the language in which the publication is written.

7. Detailed evaluation of the publications pre-approved by the editorial office is the responsibility of Reviewers.

8. The article is accepted for publication under the condition of being approved by two independent Reviewers.

9. The text which received two positive opinions by independent Reviewers is sent for publication. In the case of conditional admittance (when the Reviewers point out the necessity to introduce changes and/or completions) the Author is informed in writing about the necessity to introduce substantial corrections.

10. In the case of one positive and one negative review or other controversies the decision considering further proceeding of the article is made by the Editor-in-Chief of the journal. In special cases a Super-reviewer may be appointed.

11. Two negative Reviews result in rejecting the text, the Author being informed in writing.

12. The deadline of submitting reviews is fixed by the editors in agreement with the Reviewers.

13. A form is used to evaluate a publication. The form is sent to Reviewers by the editorial office. The form includes an abbreviated (tabular) evaluation of the components and significant work elements as well as a descriptive part.

14. The review shall be in writing and shall contain a clear request from the Reviewer for (mutually exclusive):


a. admittance of the article for publication;

b. admittance subject to certain changes;

c. admittance after corrections have been made and accepted by the Reviewer;

d. rejection of the article.


15. Reviews are sent to Authors in an electronic form within two weeks of receiving the last review of the article.

16. The Authors introduce the necessary changes and/or corrections suggested by the Reviewers within fourteen days of the date of receiving the review.

17. If the review states that the introduced correction must be consulted with the Reviewer, the text is sent to the same Reviewer for the second opinion which is final.

18. Editor-in-Chief makes the final decision to publish an article.

19. Reviews remain the property of the “Literatura i Kultura Popularna” editorial office and may be not be passed on by Authors to other editorial offices or publishing houses without a written consent of the editor-in-chief of “Literatura i Kultura Popularna”.

20. The current list of Reviewers is published once a year both in the paper and online version of the journal.

21. The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to introduce linguistic corrections to the reviews and to reject those reviews that do not fulfill ethical and/or substantial requirements.

22. Detailed principles of reviewing procedures adopted by the journal Literatura i Kultura Popularna are published online in the tab “For Authors” (




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