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Wariacje postmodernistyczne w prozie Thomasa Pynchona

  1. Liwiusz Piórko


Postmodernist’s variations in Thomas Pynchon novels


In this article the author attempts to describe the postmodernist’s motifs used by Thomas Pynchon in his novels. Typical/characteristic postmodernist’s motifs are discussed in this paper: the focus on a plot, the reference to the pop culture/pop literature, the emphasis on the fictionality/artificiality, the “black humour”, the postmodernist’s play (pastiche, parody, imitation), the insertion of the elements of surrealism. The author of this article embarks on interpretation of this motifs consideration for intentions of Thomas Pynchon, this means, this interpretation is focused on entropy category.





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Literatura i Kultura Popularna

17, 2011

Strony od 189 do 198

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