Bez lęku (przed wpływem)? Na marginesie Oka potwora Jacka Dukaja

  1. Dariusz Brzostek ORCiD: 0000-0001-8094-5159


Without the Anxiety (of Influence)?Reflections on Jacek Dukaj’sOko potwora [The Eye of the Monster]

This article focuses on the intertextuality of Jacek Dukaj’s novel Oko potwora [The Eye of the Monster] and its relations to Stanisław Lem’s novel Eden. The autor uses Harold Bloom’s theory of the anxiety of influence to examine Lem’s influence on Dukaj’s work (Dukaj as “the strong poet” and Lem as “the precursor”). The question is, could Jacek Dukaj be the author of “real power,” who can inevitably “misread” his precursor’s work in order to make room for his own, fresh imaginings. The next problem is the condition of the poetic of influence in the genre of science fiction, which contains mostly the simple formula stories (basic plots, themes, characters, time and spatial setting).

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Literatura i Kultura Popularna

20, 2014

Pages from 29 to 38

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