Warstwa tekstowa piosenek zespołu „Budka Suflera” wobec ikonografii gotycyzmu

  1. Adam Mazurkiewicz ORCiD: 0000-0003-3804-6445


Gothic Rock Themes in Budka Suflera Song Lyrics

Budka Suflera is not considered a Gothic rock band. However, many of the bands’ songs feature discernibly Gothic themes. Moreover, the early works of Budka Suflera, their melodic line inspired by symphonic rock, are also reminiscent of the Gothic rock genre. For amodern consumer it is interesting how anon-Gothic band creatively includes Gothic characteristics and imagery in their music. Despite changing trends in popular music, Budka Suflera’s songs keep on winning new audiences.

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Literatura i Kultura Popularna

20, 2014

Pages from 83 to 102

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