I żyła długo… i ciągle na nowo — sposoby przekształcania baśni o Czerwonym Kapturku w kulturze współczesnej. Analiza wybranych przykładów

  1. Kamila Kowalczyk ORCiD: 0000-0001-7717-8905



And She Lived Long and… Constantly Anew — Methods of Transforming the Red Riding Hood Tale in Contemporary Culture. Case Studies

The article focuses on the concept of renarration of the canonic fairy tale Red Riding Hood in various media, genres and conventions. The aim of the survey and analysis of chosen cultural texts is to present the transformation mechanisms of the fairy-tale prototype (among other things, fairy tale “true stories”, reversal of roles, fairy tales in modern settings, psychologisation of characters, concretization of fairy tale’s simple form) and demonstrate how the traditional fairy tale is used in popular culture. Red Riding Hood is presented as aprotagonist of mass imagination and the fairy tale itself as atext of culture which lends itself to creative transformation and is omnipresent in contemporary culture.


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Literatura i Kultura Popularna

21, 2015

Pages from 81 to 96

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