Legenda o (nie)świętym Wrocławiu Łukasza Orbitowskiego

  1. Kamila Augustyn ORCiD: 0000-0002-8395-8470



Legend of (Not)Holy Wrocław by Łukasz Orbitowski

This article aims to show how Luke Orbitowski shapes the image of the city in his novel Święty Wrocław (“Holy Wroclaw”). Analysis of tokens that build the image of the city, their meaning, the way of reference (abstract or real) and astriking emotional impression allows the reader to specify the function of the city, and answer the question about what differs presented visions of Wroclaw in the horror story novel by Orbitowski and the crime drama in the style of noir by Marek Krajewski.


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Literatura i Kultura Popularna

22, 2016

Pages from 91 to 100

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