Художественно-экспрессивное мышление и современное художественное пространство Yкраины

  1. Olena Polishchuk ORCiD: 0000-0002-1095-8031



Artistic-expression Thinking in Ukrainian Modern Popular Culture

The article is devoted to the question of the necessarity of differentia in the art thinking such as the artistic-expression thinking, and also analyses its nature and its original features made in artistic space of Ukraine.
Connection between artistic-expression thinking, as phenomenon, and artistic products in Ukrainian modern popular culture is analyzed. The article is devoted to the problem of the main feature of the Ukrainian national character, and also the domination of ideal of beauty in Ukrainian national tradition is considered.
The development of aesthetical sensitizm, but not sentimentalism, is a key trait as the feature of the Ukrainian national temper.


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Literatura i Kultura Popularna

22, 2016

Pages from 7 to 21

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