Gdzie kończy się literatura? Głos Pana i Golem XIV — Stanisława Lema „resztki (po) powieści”

  1. Dariusz Brzostek ORCiD:



Where the literature ends? His Master’s Voice and Golem XIV — Stanisław Lem’s “relics of a  novel”

The paper discusses the literary works of Polish science fiction writer — Stanisław Lem, particulary two of his late novels: His Master’s Voice (1968) and Golem XIV (1981). The essay focuses on the relics of a novel in these non-narrative works, including the lectures of an artificial intelligence (Golem XIV) and scientific essays on the first contact between humans and alien life form (His Master’s Voice). A  subject of the paper is the psychoanalysis of the creative process and the reading of the relics of a  novel such as a  description (as a  pattern of development) or a  found-manuscript device in terms of Lacanian theory of the symptom and the theory of jouissance of the speaking subject (parlêtre).


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Literatura i Kultura Popularna

23, 2017

Pages from 39 to 50

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